White Chocolate Egg Trees produce Homegrown White Chocolate Eggs. They can be grown in a pet's front or back garden by purchasing the limited time Easter Egg Tree Seed at the Garden Shop and planting in a pet's garden. (Note that the Easter Egg Tree Seed randomly selects the color of the Chocolate Egg tree - there is an equal chance of getting a Blue Chocolate Egg Tree, a Pink Chocolate Egg Tree, or a White Chocolate Egg Tree.)

These trees were introduced to the Facebook version of Pet Society on March 18, 2010. After planting, it will take 72 hours for the the White Chocolate Egg tree to reach maturity. Afterward, the tree will begin producing white chocolate eggs, one fruit at a time, randomly. A pet can have up to three total fruits on the tree at once.

Homegrown White Chocolate Eggs from this tree can be used to fish at the Pet Society Pond. So far, it appears these fruits will only catch common fish and fishing junk.


White chocolate egg tree summary

This amazing image was made by Gabu of Pet Society Club. His complete garden thread can be found at:

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