A cabbage vegetable

Vegetables are a type of Homegrown Food grown from Vegetable Seeds planted in a pet's garden. These seeds can be purchased at the Garden Store.

After planting, it takes 24 hours for the vegetable to grow. After the 24 hours a player can either pull the vegetable out of the ground or let it sit in the ground for extra days. If you leave a vegetable for a few days in the ground, it will grow and grow up to Extra large. But don't leave it too long on the ground or it will rot.

Once you have harvested your vegetable, you can sell it, eat it, or keep it around as a trophy. Vegetables do not go rotten once they are in your inventory. It is inadvisable to eat a vegetable, since you can sell them for a lot of money and then buy cheaper food that fills your health up for less cost.

Different types of Vegetables

These are all the homegrown vegetables in the game.

Rotten Vegetables

Rotten Vegetable
You will get a rotten vegetable if you leave a vegetable in the ground for a certain amount of time. This is completely random - even if your vegetable has not reached maximum size, it can still be rotten, and the longer you wait the better the odds it will get rotten. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell if a vegetable is rotten if it is still in the ground. The only way to tell is to pull up the vegetable. Despite this, rotten vegetables are still considered food - you can fish for them in pet society or feed them to you or your friends' pets. They only restore 1% health and can only be sold for 1 coin. So remember to harvest your vegetables as soon as possible!

Time vs Size Chart

For each extra day you leave the vegetable in the ground, you have a chance that the vegetable will either get bigger in size or go rotten. The maximum number of days seems to be 11 before it goes completely rotten.

This is a rough estimate - sometimes a vegetable will 1) not advance to the next size 2) skip ahead two sizes or 3) go rotten. This chart also tells you how much health you get back for each size stage.

Day Size Health Restored
1 Planted (not harvestable) N/A
2 Tiny 20%
3 Very Small 30%
4 Small 40%
5 Below Average 50%
6 Average 60%
7 Above Average 70%
8 Large 80%
9 Very Large 90%
10 Gigantic 99%

the biggest size now for vegetables has been change to large

Resale Values

When harvesting vegetables you will get different amounts of coins, paw points and recycle points, depending on the size and type of the vegetable.
All vegetables except for the Sweetheart Root have the below values.

Size Sells for Recycles for Paw Points
Tiny 104 coins 626 points 2
Very Small 121 coins 734 points 2
Small 140 coins 842 points 6
Below Average 165 coins 992 points 10
Average 182 coins 1094 points 15
Above Average 201 coins 1208 points 20
Large 241 coins 1448 points 25
Very Large 265 coins 1592 points 30
Gigantic 291 coins 1748 points 50
Rotten 1 coin 8 points 1

The only rare vegetable is the Sweetheart Root and it has different resale values than the rest of the vegetables.

Size Sells for Recycles for Paw Points
Tiny 135 coins 814 points 2
Very Small 157 coins 946 points 2
Small 182 coins 1096 points 6
Below Average 215 coins 1294 points 10
Average 237 coins 1426 points 15
Above Average 261 coins 1569 points 20
Large 313 coins 1882 points 25
Very Large 345 coins 2074 points 30
Gigantic 378 coins 2272 points 50
Rotten 1 coin 8 points 1

Recycling points are X6 of the price, the actual price is for example 104.33 or in a rare vegetable 135.66, the game rounds up to the lowest whole number. And if you want to know the possible buying price if shops where to sell vegetables just X3 of the resell price, for example a gigantic sweetheart root would cost 1136 in a shop.