Trophies are earned in Pet Society by accomplishing goals with your pet. This normally means collecting a certain number of items or winning a mini-game a certain number of times.

There are 17 types of tropies with three levels each, which totals 51 Trophies in Pet Society that you can earn.

Visiting Friends Trophy:

Ball Trophy:

Frisbee Trophy:

Jump Rope Trophy:

Spending Trophy:

Hat Trophy:

Shirt Trophy:

Pants Trophy:

Shoes Trophy:

Accessories Trophy:

Gifting Trophy:

Racing at the Stadium Trophy:

Betting at the Stadium Trophy:

Recycling Trophy:

Gardening Trophy:

Stickers Trophy:

Pro Racing in the Stadium Trophy:

  1. Pro Bronze Medalist: Win 3 times in the Pro Stadium Hurdles Race
  2. Pro Silver Medalist: Win 10 times in the Pro Stadium Hurdles Race
  3. Pro Gold Medalist: Win 30 times in the Pro Stadium Hurdles Race

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