It's easy to tell time in Pet Society, which is useful when you want to know when it's a new day. Pet Society time is GMT which means UK time (also called UTC). Depending on your country's time zone, just go to your 24hrs system clock below your desktop and go Change date and time settings... then change time zone. This checks all the places' UTC.To tell, for example:

  1. UTC -10:00 (Hawaii) is 10hrs earlier than UK Time.
  2. UTC +8:00 (Kuala Lumpur, Singapore) is 8hrs later than UK Time
  3. UTC -6:00 (US and Canada) is 6hrs earlier than UK Time

Your system time can be seen in Pet Society on the Flip Clock and GMT can be seen on the Playfish clock. The clocks use the 24hr system, so if you want to know the time in the 12hr system, just subtract 12hrs.

On 22nd February 2010, Playfish released a special Item: The Countdown Clock, which tells you how long until 

Countdown clock

Countdown clock

new visits, races, lotteries and items from stores. It costs 1,500 

coins.Your time in the desktop is the local time.

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