Snowy palace real time wallpaper
The Snowy Palace Real Time Wallpaper is a Limited Edition wallpaper that was sold in the Boutique and the D.I.Y. Shop. The wallpaper displays an image consistant with the time of day - either dawn, day, dusk, or night.

This wallpaper is part of the "Snowy Palace" set. When all four items are collected and put into a room, that room will be animated with falling snow.

The items in the Snowy Palace Set are:

This wallpaper coordinates with the Snowy Palace Floor.

Playfish brought this Limited Edition set back for a week in January to give people a second chance to buy everything. The price for this item increased for this return.

Item Summary

  • Cost: 11 PFC (1st time), 26 PFC (2nd time)
  • Sells for: ? coins
  • Recycle: ? points
  • Giftable?: Only on point of purchase
  • Added: 22 December 2010
  • Removed: 23 December 2010
  • Added 2nd time: 10 January 2011
  • Removed 2nd time: 16 January 2011

Expanded View

Snowy palace real time wallpaper expanded

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