Bait: Shamrock Cupcake and Shamrock Drink
Sells For: 4
Recycles For: 30
Added: 12 March 2010
Removed: Food items removed, but fish still can be caught with bait.

The Shamrockfish is a type of fish that can be caught by fishing in the pond. It can be displayed using an aquarium.

It sells for 4 coins and recycles for 30 recycle points. Like all fish, it cannot be gifted.

The Shamrockfish is a special bait fish. It can only be caught using either the a Shamrock Cupcake or a Shamrock Drink purchased from the Food Store. Both of these food items were Holiday Specials and no longer are available in stores. If you do not have these foods, the best way to get them is by trading. Even though the food is no longer in stores, you can still catch the Shamrock fish by fishing with this bait.

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