Seeds can be bought at the Garden Store. Once a seed is purchased, it can can be planted in a pet's Garden by taking the seed out of the pet's chest and dropping the seed on top of one of the nine mounds of dirt in the garden. To remove a grown plant from the garden, you will need to click on the plant and drag upward for the plant to be "pulled" out of the ground.

There are three general categories of seeds - Flower Seeds, Tree Seeds and Vegetable Seeds. Each of these types of seeds comes in two types: normal seeds and limited edition seeds. When planted, normal seeds will grow into a random plant, while limited edition seeds will grow into a specific kind of plant.


Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable seeds are purchased for 100 coins at the Garden Shop.

When planted, these seeds take 24 hours to grow to maturity; they cannot be removed from the garden mound during this time. After the 24 hours have passed, vegetables can either be pulled out of the ground (this yields a tiny vegetable) or left in the ground for extra days to grow larger. The longer the vegetable stays in the ground, the larger a chance it has of becoming a rotten vegetable.

See the vegetable seed page for more information about vegetable types, sizes, and selling values

Flower Seed

Flower Seeds

Flower seeds are purchased for 200 coins at the Garden Shop.

Like vegetable seeds, they take 24 hours to grow to maturity and cannot be removed from the garden while they are growing. After the 24 hours have passed, the plant is a fully formed flower that can be pulled from the ground.

Leaving the flower in the ground after 24 hours does not cause any change - flowers do not go rotten, nor do they increase in size or value the longer they are left in the ground. It is advised to pull flowers out as soon as they mature to make room for growing more plants.

See the flower seed page for information on the different flower types and their selling values.


Tree Seeds

Tree seeds are purchased for 500 coins at the Garden Shop.

Unlike flower and vegetable seeds, trees take 48 hours to grow to maturity. Once a tree has grown, it will have a random chance of having fruit appear on it each day. A tree can have up to 3 fruits on it at one time. To harvest a fruit, click and pull on the fruit. It will drop to the ground instead of appearing automatically in your chest.

Warning: You should never remove your tree from the ground unless you no longer want it. The tree will not be placed into your chest, and will disappear permanently.

See the trees page for information on the different tree types and the fruits they produce.

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