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Recycle Points are reward points earned by recycling items in your chest. You can redeem these points for Eco Prize boxes of different sizes. These prize boxes have a random item in them of high value.

How to Recycle

To recycle an item, drag the item from your chest or wardrobe to the Recycler. The Recycler is an icon that looks like a green bin with arrows on it, located under the cash register icon where you sell items. Each item you recycle has a certain number of points associated with recycling it.

You will be asked to confirm your item recycle with a check box. Once an item is recycled, it is gone forever. Once you build up Recycle Points you can cash them out for an Eco Prize.

Calculating Recycle Points

It is easy to calculate how many recycle points you will get from an item.

For items that cost normal coins:

  • Recycle points = Cost of Item * 2, or
  • Recycle points = Resale Price of Item * 6

For items that cost Pet Society Cash (CC):

  • Recycle points = Cost of Item (in CC) x 132, or
  • Recycle points = Resale Price of Item * 2

Cashing In Recycle Points

Once you have accumulated 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 points, you can exchange these points for an Eco Prize box. Clicking on the Recycler will show you how many points you have. The green bar indicates how far along you are to earning each prize.

If an Eco Prize box is colored in green, you are eligible for that box; if it is greyed out you do not have enough points yet. Click on the box size that you want and the item will appear in your chest and the points will be deducted from your total.

Eco Boxes

There are three possible Eco Prize sizes: Small Eco Prize, Medium Eco Prize, and Large Eco Prize. Each Box contain one of five random items particular to that pox. Each of the box items is worth half of its Eco Prize recycle points. For example, if you claimed a Large Eco Prize (costs 30,000 points), you will get an item worth 15,000 recycle points.

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