Rare Steak
Rare Steak
Basic Information

Type of This Items :

Items Summary
Cost: 30 Coins
Sell for: 9 Coins
Recycle: 60 Recycle Points
Health Restored: 60%
Added: Before March 2009
Removed: No
Pet Society Portal
Rare Steak The Rare Steak is a food item that can be bought at several locations: it is in the Grocery section of the Food Store, the Petlings & Fish Food section of the Grocery Store, and the Petlings section of the Garden Store.


Rare steaks can be used to fish at the Pet Society Pond. They will catch common fish and decorative / junk items. They are the only item that can catch the Piranha fish.


Rare Steaks are eaten by many types of petlings - the Bear, Coyote, Dog, Hippogriff, Leopard, Lion and Tiger. If you have one of these pets, keep a supply handy!


Rare Steaks are also one of the most frequently used foods in cooking. They are used to cook the Festive Turkey, King Burger, Grilled Steak, and Giant Meatball.

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