This is a new feature that was introduced in July 2012. Each item has six levels to complete.

There is a main quest where you have to collect items from your backpack (see second picture below) to complete the stages. This comes out every month.

Two other quests come out every week and you have to ask your friends for items, craft items, send gifts, etc. to complete the stages.


Quest Portal

Quest portal

The Backpack.

Past/Current Craftable Weekly Quest Items


Here is some of the past Quest item:

1. Purple Royal Throne

2. Love Struck Painting

3. Red Daisy Swing

4. Orange Modular Staircase

5. Unicorn Seat

6. Midnight Fireplace

7. Dragon Horn Mirror

8. Viking Cave

9. Honeymoon Door

10. Beach Wedding Gazebo

11.Color Splash Umbrella

12.Color Splash Bunk Bed

13 Horror Carnival Arch

14. Horror Carnival GrandFather Clock

15. Vineyard Spiral Staircase

16 Vineyard Bath

17 Angelic Wall Fountain

18 Slumber Bouncy Castle

19 Lazarus Fireplace

20 Lavish Dinner For Two

21 Captain Clock

22. Captain Pet Statue

23. Haunted Pink Bed

24 Haunted Slide

25 Hallow Gateway (Same as Collaborative)

26 Pumpkin Wreath Door

27. Swimming Pool Terrace

28 Ploddington the Camel

29 UFO Abduction Teleporter

30. Golden Dove Dome

31.  Real Time Eiffel Tower Window

32. Skeleton Reindeer Seat

33. Twisted Christmas Tree Seed

34. Twisted Grandfather Clock

35 Rock Fountain


1. Shifus Pal Set Suprise {Shifus Pal, Shifus Tigress Pal,Shifus's Monkey Pal & Shifus Bear Pal]

2. Birdie Boo Clubhouse

3. Birdie Boo fountain

4. Golden Age Hat Vending Machine

Past/Current Craftable Monthly Quest Items

Here is some of the Past Monthly Quest items:


  1. Wardrobe Chronicle Door ( Room Received: Wardrobe Chronicle Garden Room)
  2. Angelic Sleepy Hollow (Room received: Angelic Slumber Room )
  3. Vineyard Field Gateway (Room recieved: Vineyard Garden Room)
  4.  Red Carpet Statue (Room received : Red Carpet Room)
  5. Backyard Utopia bundle - Rose Vein Gazebo,Cherry Blossom Tree and Honey Glazed Candy Tree
  6. Ghoulish Graveyard Statue (Room received : Midnight Haunt/Halloween Garden)
  7. Red Planet Spaceship (Room received:Space Expedition/Mars)
  8. Shadows of Christmas Arch (Room Receive: Christmas/Winter Room )
  9. Shangri-La key ( Room Receive: Shangri-La Room)
  10.  Butterfly Make Up Kit ( Nil)


  1. Wild Penthouse Key [Wild Penthouse Wallpaper and Floor]
  2. Aqua Cave Key

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