Petling dog
The Petling Dog (also sometimes called the Petling Puppy) is a petling that is sold in the Petlings section of the Outdoor Store.

You must be Level 10 (Popular Pet - 2,000 Paw Points) in order to buy this petling.

Item Summary

  *  Cost: 1,200 coins
  • Sold for: 399 coins
  • Recycle: Cannot be recycled
  • Giftable?: No
  • Added: 1 February 2010
  • Removed: No

Petling Appearance

Your petling will be assigned a random appearance after you feed it for the first time. The only feature you have some control over is the color - if you do not like your pet's color, you can buy a Petling Biscuit for Playfish Cash and feed it to your pet.


The Dog petling's body comes in the below colors:

Cat colors


There are 6 types of ears


There are 3 types of eyes.


There are 5 types of heads. Not all are pictured.


There are 7 types of tails. Not all are pictured.

Petling Food

The petling dog eats:


Here are some pictures of other people's petling dogs. Feel free to add your own!

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