Café Owner

In-game description:

Perry considers himself the Picasso of the barista world, taking pride in his ability to create the most exquisite blends with the finest ingredients. Unfortunately the clientele of the Pet Society Café don't always share that opinion, and his dark roasted cream Trufflescake latte with a dash of soy sauce was less than a success.

As a rule of thumb if Perry offers a coffee with a "special secret ingredient" it's best to decline unless your really like the idea of tomato soup in your coffee.

More closely guarded even than his secret ingredients is Perry's first name, which he has so far been able to keep secret from the entire village. Popular opinion that it is Shirley are unconfirmed. Perry is open however about his ambition though -- to create 'Perrybucks', his own chain of coffee shops.

He seems to like Lily, from the clothes shop and that he has free coffee for her everytime.