Welcome to Pet Society! So you've created a pet (if you're stuck with that, click here) , followed the in-game tutorial, visited a few friends, and now are wondering what to do and what all the rest of those buttons are for. This guide will help you find what information you may be looking for to get out there and start leveling up.

The Basics:

We recommend visiting the neighborhood and checking out the shops first. Items in stores are sold with either normal yellow coins or blue coins, called Playfish Cash. Normal coins are all free, while blue coins must be bought with a credit card. Don't worry if you don't want to pay for this blue cash; there are lots of rewarding things to do in the game that are completely free.

The number one question people have when beginning Pet Society is: "How do I make money?" A comprehensive listing of ways to make money can be found at the Tips and Tricks page. This page also will tell you how to earn Paw Points so that your pet can level up. Leveling up opens up more rooms in your house, upgrades your Soap, Brush and TV, and allows you to buy more things to decorate your home, including Petlings.

Pet Society has a number of mini-games you can play to win money or items. These include:

The Pet Society Forum is a great resource for players of any level or experience. In the forum you can see threads about common bugs / glitches, guides on a variety of subjects, or even start Trading with other players to get things that are no longer in stores. We recommend playing for a while before beginning to trade, as there are a lot of dishonest people out there and many people have been scammed.

Common Beginner Questions

Q: I have a twig rod in my inventory, what do I use this for?

A: You use this to fish. See the Fishing page for how to fish.

Q: My house has an outdoor area with brown mounds. What does this do?

A: This is your Garden, where you can grow flowers trees, and vegetables.

Q: I have heard about something called the Golden Poo / Rainbow Poo. How do I make my pet poo?

A: See the article on Pooping.

Q: All the clothes I like in the store are girly, but I made my pet a boy! Can I change my pet's gender?

A: Visiting the Stylist will let you change your pet's name, gender, and appearance for a fee.

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