New Year Top Venting Machine was craftable item. It makes various tops with


New Year atributes and more. Each top cost 150 Coins.

Example of tops:

There are two types of tops:

12 pictures on them: And 7 colours of tops:

Item Summary:

Vending Machine:

  • Cost: Free (until 9 January, 2013)
  • Sells for: 924 Coins
  • Recycle: 1,848 Recycle Points.
  • Giftable?: No.
  • Added: ???
  • Removed: No (Can be bought at Clothe Store for 15 PSC).


  • Cost: 150 Coins.
  • Sells for: 49 Coins.
  • Recycle: 300 Recycle Points.
  • Giftable?: Yes.
  • Added: Same date as Vending Machine.
  • Removed: No.

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