Mr. Shuttleworth
is a character who used to be the Manager of the Bank. When the Bank was removed in March of 2010, Mr. Shuttleworth disappeared from the game with little mention from Playfish. However, the character "?" and his Mystery Shop appeared at the same time the Bank disappeared, leading many to speculate that ? may actually be Mr. Shuttleworth in disguise.

In-game description:

Little is known about the mysterious Mr. Shuttleworth, who has largely kept himself to himself since setting up the Pet Society Bank in the middle of the village. He'll rarely be drawn into conversation and he keeps his cards very close to his chest.

He's the only pet who doesn't seem to live in the village, although because nobody ever sees him come or go nobody really knows where he lives, and while he has been sighted outside his bank before, something is never quite right. For instance he might be wearing a slightly wonky fake moustache, or walking briskly from a troublesome situation, like a cat stuck up a tree. Felicity in particular insists that Mr.Shuttleworth enjoys causing mischief during his spare time, but the rest of the village reserve their opinion.

Think you know what Mr. Shuttleworth is up to? Maybe the clues are there, or perhaps we'll have to wait and see? One thing's for certain, there's more to Mr. Shuttleworth than his umbrella and bowler hat!


  • Perhaps Hiddeni is the ?.