Town Mayor 

The Mayor is the leader of the neighbourhood, introduced with the New Town of Pet Society. He appears at the front of any friend visit list and has no level. You can visit him and you will get the same amount of Paw Points and coins that you get when you visit any other friend ( see Visiting Friends ). You can leave him a message like any other pet, but the message you recieve back is random from the computer, so it might not be related. You can also send him gifts but he will not send one back!

In-game description

Asked about his wife the mayor will chuckle that she makes the little decisions while he makes the big decisions, however to date, no big decisions have needed to be made. Nevertheless, it’s certainly true that in all the mayor’s years in office, the trains have never failed to run on time. In fact they’ve never run. The mayor comes from a proud line of Pet Society mayors. His father was mayor. His father’s father was a mayor. His father before that was a hotdog vendor, but he was reportedly good 
friends with the mayor at the time. We’re pretty certain HIS father was mayor too, but records were lost when  someone spilled fruit juice on them. We can confirm however that each generation of mayor has shared not only their office, but a fine and well trimmed moustache. The mayor has never taken his top hat off in public and rumour has it that he keeps a mystery item under it, although popular opinion is that it’s simply a meatball, his favourite food.  


  • Restaurant City: When you bought the Neon Signs, look at the bottom, The Mayor is there.
  • Pet Society: When bought City Skyline Window, you will see it in one of the buildings.

Rumors about The Mayor

Who is he? Where is the missing hat?

He steals money and items specially "Cash Items" when you visit him in his house, lots of expensive and cash items you'll see!

Is he cheating the game and spends all the cash items in the game? Who knows!?


Mayor Items

These items can be seen in Myspace Pet Society, as they no more exist by now.

  • Mayor Doll/Regal Mayor Doll

Mayor Doll can be obtained in the Expensive Mystery Box, but is no longer available. The Regal Mayor Doll can still be bought though. Cost: 1,100 for Regal Mayor Doll, 500 for Expensive Mystery Box.

  • Mayor Picture