Luxury Store This Week Special is the things in Luxury Shop which is limited for one week only.

Here is the luxury TWS in February 2010

1. Holiday Special Theme (Valentine and Lunar New Year)

  • Crystal Heart (6000 coins)
  • Heart Sofa
  • Lunar New Year Feast Table

2. Movie Award Theme

  • Black Bar

3.Wild West Theme

  • Red Stagecoach Decor (5000 coins)
  • Cute Rocking Horse (1800 coins)

4. Cafe Theme

  • Nothing

5. Wizard of Oz Theme

  • Emerald Throne (10000 coins)
  • Elegant White Piano (2800 coins)

6. St Patrick's Day Theme

  • Golden Pot
  • Golden Harp
  • Emerald Green Cushioned Couch

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