Flower Seeds can be purchased at the Garden Store. The seeds are available in several types:

  1. Normal flower seeds -- seeds that cost coins and are available at the store all the time
  2. Limited Time flower seeds -- seeds that cost coins and are only available for a short time
  3. Playfish Cash flower seeds -- seeds that cost Playfish Cash and are available at the store all the time

By planting these seeds in your garden, your pet can grow flowers. A flower will take 24 hours to grow fully. After that, they can either be harvested by pulling them from the ground or left in the ground to be decoration. Flowers will not rot like vegetables, so they can be left in a garden plot indefinitely. Once they are harvested, flowers can be sold, recycled, or used to decorate a pet's home. Buying a flower pot is not necessary to be able to put flowers in a pet's home. Flowers can be sold for differing amounts of coins, depending on the type of flower they become.

Normal Flower Seeds

Normal Flower Seeds are flower seeds that are constantly in the store for sale and cost normal coins.

Limited Time Flower Seeds

Limited Time Flower Seeds are only available for a short period of time and cost either coins or were free. Sometimes they have been sold in the Outdoor store, while other times they were available through Free Gifting. They are often associated with special holidays or events. Once these seeds have been removed, the only way of obtaining them is through trade, or in a few rare instances, by digging them up in the Lost Treasures location of the Treasure Hunt. Even though the seed may no longer available to buy or send, these special seeds can be planted any time and will produce the same type of flower.

Playfish Cash Flower Seeds

Playfish Cash flower seeds are sold both in the Garden Store and the Boutique. These seeds, as the name implies, can only be bought for playfish cash.

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