999s and 4999s are often used as currency in the Trading forum.

999 Items

999 items are items that can be traded back to the shop for 999 coins. Most of them can be found in GMBs.

Found in GMBs

Found in Store

  • Black Electric Guitar
  • Classic Chic Chaise Lounge
  • Elegant Swing Seat
  • Floral Hat
  • Goth Lip Couch
  • King's Crown
  • Light Pool Table
  • Loud Speaker
  • Mini Chelo
  • Princess Toilet
  • Red Hot Lip Couch
  • Washing Machine
  • White Cyclops Couch
  • Wonder Pants

Not Found In Game (NIB, NIS)

  • Antique Door
  • Colorful Guitar
  • Checkered Floor Tiles
  • Deluxe Feather Headdress
  • Equipal Sofa
  • Gold Royal Chandelier
  • Large Pink Tree
  • Lion Dance Hat
  • Lion Dance Shirt
  • Lucky Rug
  • Inca Panpipes
  • Mini Ben Clock
  • Ornate Framed Bed
  • Owl Doll
  • Piano
  • Princess Pink Rug
  • Red Chilli Ristra
  • Robot Visor
  • Royal Dining Table

4999 Items

4999 items are items that can be traded back to the shop for 4999 coins. There is currently only one 4999 item in stores.

  • Pink Princess Bed (unavailable)
  • Red Bubble Chair (unavailable)
  • Shiny Pink Roadster
  • Admiral's Jacket (unavailable)

5999 Items

Found in the garden shop:

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