Ice cream stand
The Ice Cream Stand is an interactive object that is sold in the Outdoor Store.

Buying this stand and placing it in your home enables you and your friends to buy ice cream. Friends can buy the ice cream just by visiting you and clicking on the stand.

The stand dispenses six different types of ice creams. Buying an ice cream from the machine costs 80 coins and gives you a random ice cream.

Ice Cream Stand Summary

  • Cost: 2000 coins
  • Sells for: 666 coins
  • Recycle: 4000 points
  • Giftable?: Yes
  • Added: 16 July 2010
  • Removed: No

Ice Cream Types

Ice Cream Summary

All of the ice creams from this stand are the same and can be used to fish in the Pond. They will only catch common fish and decorative / junk items.

  • Cost: 80 coins
  • Sells for: 26 coins
  • Recycle: 160 points
  • Giftable?: Yes
  • Health Restored: 30%
  • Added: 16 July 2010
  • Removed: No

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