Hot air balloon

The completed hot air balloon!

The Hot Air Balloon is a collaborative object which, once built, allows access to the Enchanted Forest site of the Treasure Hunt map. You can build as many Hot Air Balloons as you like.

Building the Hot Air Balloon requires 15 materials: 5 Fabric, 5 Rope and 5 Framing. The only way to get these items is to either receive them from friends or buying them with Playfish Cash. To receive the materials from friends, you must send requests to individual friends asking for a specific material. You can only send one request per friend each day. They will respond back with the material, which you must click to claim.

Once the Hot Air Balloon has been built, the Enchanted Forest is unlocked and you will have the balloon in your inventory. The balloon can be put in your pet's house as a decorative object. It will sit on the floor and is animated to gently float up and down. The colors of the balloon harmonize with many of the objects you can find when digging in the Enchanted Forest.

Important Note: You MUST have the Hot Air Balloon in your inventory in order to visit the Enchanted Forest -- if you sell your completed balloon you will have to build another one to access the site again!

Item Summary

  • Cost: Free with friend's help
  • Sells for: 1980 coins
  • Recycle: 3960 points
  • Giftable?: No
  • Added: June 28, 2010
  • Removed: No

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