The Homegrown Sweetheart Root is a type of Vegetable grown from a Vegetable Seed, which is purchased at the Outdoor Store.

Like all vegetables, how long you leave the Sweetheart Root growing in the ground will determine how many coins, recycle points, and paw points you will get when the vegetable is harvested.

Size Images

Resale Chart

Size Sells for Recycles for Paw Points
Tiny 135 coins 814 points 2
Very Small 157 coins 946 points 2
Small 182 coins 1096 points 6
Below Average 215 coins 1294 points 10
Average 237 coins 1426 points 15
Above Average 261 coins 1569 points 20
Large 313 coins 1882 points 25
Very Large 345 coins 2074 points 30
Gigantic 378 coins 2272 points 50
Rotten 1 coin 8 points 1


This vegetable can be used to fish at the Pet Society Pond. It will catch common fish and decorative / junk items. It will also catch the Loveroot Fish.