VS homegrown sad moody ghost
The Homegrown Sad Moody Ghost is a type of vegetable grown from the Moody Ghost Vegetable Seed, which is purchased at the Outdoor Store. When it is growing, you cannot tell what kind of Moody Ghost Vegetable you are growing until you pull it out of the ground.

Like all vegetables, how long you leave the Sad Moody Ghost growing in the ground will determine how many coins, recycle points, and paw points you will get when the vegetable is harvested. It has the same resale values as the other common vegetables.

Unlike the regular vegetables however, the Homegrown Sad Moody Ghost does not have a different graphic for each size phase: a Tiny Homegrown Sad Moody Ghost looks the same as a Gigantic Homegrown Sad Moody Ghost.


Resale Chart

Size Sells for Recycles for Paw Points
Tiny 104 coins 626 points 2
Very Small 121 coins 734 points 2
Small 140 coins 842 points 6
Below Average 165 coins 992 points 10
Average 182 coins 1094 points 15
Above Average 201 coins 1208 points 20
Large 241 coins 1448 points 25
Very Large 265 coins 1592 points 30
Gigantic 291 coins 1748 points 50
Rotten 1 coin 8 points 1


This vegetable can be used to fish at the Pet Society Pond. It will only catch common fish and decorative / junk items.

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