Homegrown honey pot
The Homegrown Honey Pot is a type of homegrown fruit food item grown on a Beehive Tree in a pet's garden.

These fruits are produced randomly over time on the fully grown Beehive Tree - a player can have up to three of these fruits on the tree.

There is a known glitch in the game where trees sometimes will produce an extra fourth fruit. This is not usual - if you pick this fourth fruit it probably will not re-appear unless you get the glitch again.

Food Item Summary

  • Cost: None (See Beehive Tree Seed)
  • Sells for: 85 coins
  • Recycle: 512 points
  • Health Restored: 35%
  • Added: July 29, 2010
  • Removed: No


Homegrown Honey Pots can also be used to fish at the Pet Society Pond. They will catch common fish and decorative / junk items.


They are not used in cooking.

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