Holiday Tree Ornament Mystery Eggs were found both in the Garden Shop and the Mystery Shop for the limited time of December 6th to December 27th, 2009. They were dispensed from a machine labeled Holiday Tree Ornaments.

Each egg contains a random Christmas decor item which can only be placed onto the specially sold Chrismas / Holiday Trees. All of the ornaments are glow in the dark.

There were originally 15 items in this Mystery Egg set when it was first released December 6th. A second set of 21 additional ornaments was added on December 13th.

Item Summary

  • Cost: 200 coins
  • Sells for: 66 coins
  • Recycle: 400 points
  • Giftable?: Yes
  • Added: 6 December 2009
  • Removed: 27 December 2009

Tree Ornaments - Set 1

  • Blue Bauble Snow Ornament
  • Blue Bow Ornament
  • Blue Heart Ornament
  • Blue Helicopter Ornament
  • Cute Bunny Ornament
  • Cute Penguin Ornament
  • Golden Bow Ornament
  • Love Ornament
  • Pink Heart Ornament
  • Pink Horse Ornament
  • Planet Ornament
  • Red Bow Ornament
  • Red Car Ornament
  • Snow Heart Ornament
  • White Horse Ornament

Tree Ornaments - Set 2

  • Blue Flat Bauble
  • Blue Faucet Bauble
  • Blue Teardrop Bauble
  • Blue Star Bow
  • Gold Flat Bauble
  • Gold Faucet Bauble
  • Gold Pinecone
  • Gold Teardrop Bauble
  • Green Flat Bauble
  • Green Faucet Bauble
  • Green Teardrop Bauble
  • Pink Facet Bauble
  • Red Flat Bauble
  • Red Faucet Bauble
  • Red Teardrop Bauble
  • Red Star Bow
  • Silver Flat Bauble
  • Silver Faucet Bauble
  • Silver Pinecone
  • Silver Teardrop Bauble
  • Silver Star Bow

All information regarding these mystery eggs was taken from Pet Society World's December 17th Posting, found at

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