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The Health of a pet will determine how the pet behaves in Pet Society. You can see your pet's health by looking at the Health Bar in the upper part of your screen. This bar has a heart on the side and will show a number from 0 to 99%.

There is no way for a pet to die in Pet Society. If you let your health bar fall to 0%, your pet will be unhappy but will still be around for you to play with. But an apple/other food that you possess will show above your pet's head in a thought bubble.

To replenish Health , you must feed your pet. Most food can either be bought at the Food Store or grown in a pet's Garden. To feed your pet, pull the food out of your chest and drop the food on top of the pet. Or, if the food is sitting on the floor of your house, your pet will walk up to it and eat it. Different foods will replenish different amounts of health. Some foods will give you a better health boost for the money you spend. The act of feeding will raise your paw point count as well.

Behavior of Pet

Health gain
A healthy pet will:

An unhealthy pet will:

  • Walk slowly with their head looking down. They will often sigh sadly.
  • Complain about being hungry - they will often stop what you asked them to do in order to waggle their arms around and complain. A speech bubble showing a food will appear over their head letting you know they want food!
  • Stop Pooping
  • Run slowly in Stadium races

Deciding on Feeding

The biggest drawback of feeding your pet is the cost. Some players will not feed their pets because they want to save up their coins to buy other things. If they do not care about winning at the Stadium or producing poo, then this is not a problem. If you plan on winning races at the Stadium and producing poo, then you must feed your pet.

Feeding your pet can save time if you have lots of friends to visit, or plan on doing the Mayor's Lost Animals Quest each day while running around the Neighborhood Page. Whenever you visit a friend, your pet will walk over to interact with their pet. This can be very slow with a lagging, unhappy pet, sometimes taking an extra 5 seconds to complete the interaction. If you are visiting 100 friends that day, then that means an extra 8 minutes of time on the computer to get your coins.

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