Happiness meter
is a type of pet status bar that has been removed from the game.

When the game was first introduced, pets had three of these bars: a Health bar, a Hygiene bar, and the now-removed Happiness bar. Like the other bars, happiness decayed over time and needed to be replenished when you logged into the game.

Happiness could be increased by stroking your pet, brushing it with the Brush (an item that is now useless), playing games with your pet using the Ball, Frisbee, or Jump Rope, or by Visiting Friends. When you visited friends, a happiness icon would appear over your pet indicating it was gaining happiness.

Unhappy pets walked slower and sighed as they walk around. The happier your pet was, the faster he/she would gain Paw Points and coins. If you were below 50% you would get 1 coin for washing or feeding pets (instead of 2 coins). Your happiness decayed faster depending on the level of your Hygiene bar.

  • You would lose 1% of happiness every 2 1/2 minutes if your hygiene is at 100%.
  • You would lose 1% of happiness every 38 seconds if your hygiene is at 0%.

Happiness increase

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