Home Store (D.I.Y) Owner

In-game description:

Ask Grumble to fetch an item stacked high on a shelf and you'll notice two things -- Grumble never uses a ladder, and he possesses an uncharacteristic grace which you'd never expect from first glance.

Grumble will talk at length of his passion for dancing to anyone who'd care to listen as he prices up their wallpaper and floor tiling. To some, the idea of such an ungainly looking character treading the boards in a ballet or theatre seems too funny for words and yet, Grumble is entirely serious.

You see, Grumble never wanted to run a DIY store. Grumble's dream was always to become a dancer. And if you're ever passing through the main street in the village late at night, after Grumble's store is closed, and you happen to peer into the DIY shop's window; don't be surprised if you see Grumble waltz with a mop, or pirouette with a broom. And be less surprised still if you feel an urge to give him a standing ovation.

Grumble at store

Grumble at D.I.Y. Depot