Grand ballroom entrance
The Grand Ballroom is a Secret Room unlocked by owning the Grand Ballroom Entrance. This Entrance is awarded for collecting all of the perfume bottles in the Grand Ballroom Perfume Collection.

The Perfume Collection bottles could be collected for free by logging into the game for three weeks, or they could be bought individually at the Boutique for Playfish Cash. Each bottle costs 3 PFC. If you wanted to buy the whole set individually, it would cost you 54 PFC. The whole perfume bottle set was also available to buy in bundles the first day for 66 PFC. Many people who missed a few days just bought a few perfumes while earning the rest for free.

Like other secret rooms, you cannot apply wallpaper or floors to the room and it is smaller than the regular rooms in your house. However, you can decorate it with other items.

This room can be "hidden" from other players by keeping the Grand Ballroom Entrance in your inventory. If you decorate your room with this item, other players can then view and visit the room.

Grand Ballroom Entrance Item Summary

  • Cost: Anywhere from Free to 66 PFC
  • Sells for: 1999 coins
  • Recycle: 12000 points
  • Giftable?: Yes
  • Added: 17 March 2011
  • Removed: 10 April 2011

Room Appearance

Grand ballroom

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