Basic frisbee
The Frisbee is a type of item your pet can use to play the frisbee mini-game. You get your first frisbee at Level 3 (the Basic Frisbee), and an upgrade to your frisbee every six levels after that. It is automatically given to you.

Playing frisbee can earn you a trophy by throwing and catching the frisbee a certain number of times.

  • Bronze level "Safe Hands" -- Catch the frisbee 10 times
  • Silver level "Kaiser of Catch" -- Catch the frisbee 25 times
  • Gold level "Ultimate Frisbee Player"-- Catch the frisbee 40 times


The objective of this game is to catch the frisbee.

To begin playing, drag the frisbee out of your chest and drop it on your pet. He / she will pick it up and the game will begin. Your pet throws the frisbee. With your mouse, click on the frisbee to catch it. The longer the game goes and the more you catch the frisbee, the harder and faster your pet will throw. If the frisbee reaches the edge of your room, it will bounce off the wall and head back the other direction.

You will earn roughly one coin for every five clicks. You will also earn paw points that increase the longer you can keep going.


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