Twisted Christmas Tree Seed
The 'Fright before Christmas!' Quest rewards you with the Twisted Christmas Tree Seed once you have completed all 6 of its required steps. It is only available during the 'Welcome To The Dark Christmas!' week.

Steps Required

Step 1 - Lost and Found

Step 1 - Lost and Found DC

Step 2 - Eat, Sleep, Recycle!

Step 2 - Eat, Sleep, Recycle! DC

Step 3 - Team Work

Step 3 - Team Work DC

Step 4 - Run till you drop!

Step 4 - Run till you drop! DC

Run 5 times and you've completed this step!

Step 5 - Something Fishy

Step 5 - Something Fishy DC

Step 6 - Item Collector

Step 6 - Item Collector DC

If you still don't know, it's the Evil Snowman Snowglobe!

Complete all steps and congradulations! You have earned your Twisted Christmas Tree Seed as a reward.

Reward Page


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