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You can also get free gifts from Email & Fan page, This is the link that you should go to: Email & Fan Page Gifts

Free Gift  is a popular feature of Pet Society which was added on March 18, 2010. This option allows you to send one of four limited time items to your friends. A new item is added every Thursday and the oldest (the one in the top left corner) is removed from the list. One is the 3 Coin Shovels , which is not removed when a new item is introduced. The ONLY way to get these items is to play during the period they are available and receive them as a gift from a friend.

To send a gift, at your pet's home click on the present icon on the middle of the left side of the screen to bring up the list of available gifts. Choose the gift, then select which friends to send that gift to. You can only send one free gift a day to each of your friends.

Previously free gift items could only be received by accepting a Facebook notification, but as of October 21, 2010, you can also now accept gifts in-game. After you recieve the gifts, there is a button that you can use to send gifts back to your friends.

Once received, these items can be sold or recycled.

History of Free gifting

When free gifting was first introduced, you could send one of six different gifts. Gifts were introduced and removed in sets of two. When the number of free gifts was changed to twelve total gifts, they also began introducing and removing only one free gift per week.

On January 20, 2011 the number of free gifts was cut from twelve down to four.

Past and Current Free Gifts


  • 11 Apr - Current Aqua Fishie Bowl
  • 4 April - Current Golden Age Lamp
  • 28 Mar Cauliflower Sheep Plushie
  • 21 Mar Bunny Greeting Card
  • 14 Mar Birdie Baby Boo
  • 7 Mar Irish Photo Frame
  • 28 Feb Queen of Nile Plushie
  • 21 Feb Plumpy Peacock Plushie
  • 14 Feb Scientists Only Poster
  • 7 Feb Cupid Bouquet
  • 31 Jan Sketch Skateboard
  • 24 Jan Patch Carpet
  • 17 Jan Into the Wild Poster
  • 10 Jan Butterfly Leaf Banner
  • 3 Jan Sweet Polka Cushion


  • Sep 6 Wine Holder
  • Aug 30 Horror Carvinal Plushie
  • Aug 23 Green Tube Plushie
  • Aug 16 Beach Ceiling Lamp
  • Aug 9 Dragon Candlestand
  • Aug 2 Vanilla Rabbit Plushie
  • Jul 26 Honey Clock
  • Jul 19 Pawlympic Blue stools
  • Jul 12 Air Aviatar Googles
  • Jul 5 Modular Pinwheel
  • Jun 28 Wardrobe Voyages Board
  • Jun 21 Olympus Lamp
  • Jun 14 White Lily Chair
  • Jun 7 Pawitched Ghoul mask
  • May 31 Venus hat
  • May 24 BearCat Plushie
  • May 17 Detective Hat
  • May 10 Modern Rug
  • May 3 Designer Dressing Chair
  • Apr 19 Glow In The Dark Wall Clock
  • Apr 12 Orange Plushie
  • Apr 5 Chinese Poster
  • Mar 29 Easter Eggs Basket
  • Mar 22 Heart Soldier Plushie
  • Mar 15 Racoon Plushie
  • Mar 8 Fluffy Sunglasses
  • Mar 1 Feather Fan
  • Feb 23 Dark Swan Plushie
  • Feb 16 Retro Hat
  • Feb 9 Balloons and Flowers Inside
  • Feb 2 : Stack of Plays
  • Jan 26 Nursery Sippy Cup
  • Jan 19 Old West Red Armchair
  • Jan 12 White Cupcake Wall Decor
  • Jan 6 Red Imperial Palace Candlestick



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