Flowers are grown in Pet Society by planting Flower Seeds in your pet's garden. There are many types of flower seeds, hence there are many types of flowers in the game.

Growing Flowers

To grow a flower, you will need to drop a flower seed from your inventory into one of your pet's garden plots. You can also grow flowers in special individual plots for sale in the Garden Store for Pet Society Cash. You treat these just like a garden plot, only you can move these plots around in your house.

A flower will take 24 hours to grow fully. After that, they can either be harvested by clicking and pulling them from the ground, or they can be left in the ground as decoration. Flowers will not rot like vegetables, so they can be left in a garden plot indefinitely.

Once they are harvested, flowers can be sold, recycled, or used to decorate a pet's home. Flowers can be sold for differing amounts of coins, depending on the type of flower they become. Buying a flower pot is not required to be able to put flowers in your pet's home.

Flowers can also be a good way to level up a pet quickly. It would cost 3600 coins to plant 18 flowers in your garden. If you buy 18 seeds and resell grown flowers every day and buy again you can get a sure profit of 144 coins to 540 coins per day. Since they don't go rotten like vegetables you wont lose money doing this. Also flowers are awesome to gain recycling points (1250 or more/flower) and paw points (505 paw points if you grow 18 of them each day and buy again) very fast.

Listing of Normal Coin Flowers

This is a list of all flowers that can be grown using seeds either purchased for normal coins or received through Free Gifts. Plants that cost PFC are in the next section.

List of all PFC Flowers

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