Flower fertilizer
The Flower Fertilizer is a special garden item that is sold in the Boutique and the Outdoor Store. It is also a possible award from the daily Lottery.

This item will cause a planted flower seed of any type to grow instantly.

Item Summary

  • Cost: 1 PFC
  • Sells for: 66 coins
  • Recycle: 132 coins
  • Giftable?: Only on point of purchase
  • Added: 27 July 2009
  • Removed: No

How to Use

To use this item, first plant a flower seed in a garden mound. Drop the flower fertilizer on top of the garden mound like you did the seed. Your flower will then instantly mature and you can pull it out of the ground. The fertilizer will be used up in this process; it is not reusable.

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