Deep ocean icon
The Deep Ocean is a Treasure Hunt location. It was the fourth location added, and was introduced on August 6, 2010.

This location is unusual from previous locations because it was the first that required Blue Shovels to dig. Every player gets 5 free shovels a day which will expire if not used that day. Additional shovels cost Playfish Cash (CC): 3 shovels for 1 CC, 25 for 7 CC, or 50 for 12 CC.

Note that if you bought Blue Shovels and have some left in your inventory, you will not get the 5 free shovels that day. You have to use up all shovels in order to get free shovels. This may be an oversight on Playfish's part, but so far it hasn't been corrected.

There are ten common items, one rare item, and one puzzle-piece item.

Mini Map Example

Deep ocean mini map


Puzzle Piece Item: Sealife Aquarium

There are seven pieces to complete the set.

Other Items

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