The theme of the clothes week's special is same like the other. You can buy the clothes week's special only in 1 week. But, maybe you can buy it again sometime in the future

There are the clothes week's special with the theme:

Mermaid Kingdom Theme:

  • Human Mermaid Hair Bow
  • Human Mermaid Dress
  • Human Mermaid Shoes

1. Ski Theme:

  • Blue Ski Mask
  • Turquoise Ear Muff
  • Bright Ski Jacket
  • Cute Wool Glove
  • Bright Ski Pants
  • Bright Ski Boots

2. New Pet Society Theme: Nothing Special

3. Retro Theme:

  • Afro wig

4. Australian and Scotland Burns Night Theme:

  • Corks Hat
  • Woolly Boots

5. Holiday Special (Valentine and Lunar Happy New year):

  • Pink Juliet Dress
  • Lovely Pink Date Dress
  • Cupid Tunic
  • Girly Cupid Tunic
  • Pink Heart Shades
  • Lovely Pink Headband
  • Cupid Circlet
  • Lovely Pink Shoes
  • Cupid Sandals
  • Cupid Golden Wings
  • Cupid Bow and Arrow

6. Movie Memories Theme:

  • Luxurious Pirate Hat
  • Kung-fu Shirt
  • Kung-fu Pants
  • Kung-fu Shoes
  • Spaceman Shirt
  • Spaceman Helmet
  • Spaceman Pants
  • Spaceman Shoes

7. Wild West Theme

  • Golden Carnival Headdress
  • Golden Half Mask
  • Cute Cowgirl Hat
  • Cute Cowgirl Dress
  • Cute Cowgirl Shoes

8. Cafe Theme

  • Pink Polka Dots Dress
  • Shoes With Pink Socks
  • Pink Maid Dress
  • Maid Shoes

9. Witch Theme

  • Granny Bonnet
  • Granny Glasses
  • Pink Nightdress
  • Green Wizard Glasses
  • Purple Witch Hat
  • Purple Witch Dress
  • Purple Witch Shoes
  • Pink Witch Dress
  • Pink Witch Shoes
  • Pink Witch Crown
  • Star Wand

10. St Patrick's Day

  • Shamrock Green Ribbon
  • Shamrock Green Dress
  • Gold and Green Shoes
  • Shamrock Green Top Hat
  • Shamrock Green Jacket
  • Shamrock Green Pants
  • Gold Ribbon Shoes

14 June 2010 - 20 June 2010

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