Carnival Toy Stall

Carnival Toy Store

The Carnival Toy Stall is an interactive object that was sold in the Toys & Collectable section of the market.

Buying this stall and placing it in your home enables you and your friends to buy carnival toys. Friends can buy the carnival toys just by visiting you and clicking on the stall.

The stall dispenses five different types of carnival toys. Buying a carnival toy from the stall costs 400 coins and gives you a random carnival toy which can be used as a decorative item and can be placed in the house.

Carnival Toy Stall Summary

  • Cost: 3500 coins
  • Sells for: 1166 coins
  • Recycle: 7000 points
  • Giftable?: Yes
  • Added: 28 February 2011
  • Removed: Yes

Carnival Toy Types

Carnival Toy Summary

All of the sweet treats from this stall can be used to fish in the pond. They will only catch common fish anddecorative / junk items.

  • Cost: 400 coins
  • Sells for: 133 coins
  • Recycle: 800 points
  • Giftable?: Yes
  • Added: 28 February 2011
  • Removed: No

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