A Banana is a food item that can be bought at several locations: they are in the Grocery section of the Food Store, the Petlings & Fish Food section of the Grocery Store, and the Petlings section of the Garden Store.

They are different from Homegrown Bananas.

Food Item Summary

  • Cost: 10 coins
  • Sells for: 3 coins
  • Recycle: 20 points
  • Health Restored: 25%
  • Added: Before March 2009
  • Removed: No


Bananas can be used to fish at the Pet Society Pond. In addition to catching common fish and decorative / junk items, they are one of two items that can catch the Bananafish.


Bananas are eaten by Bear Petlings - if you have one, keep a supply of bananas handy!


Bananas are used in cooking to make the Banana Split.

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