The Autumn Garden Room is a small secret room for your pet's house that has two extra Garden plots. This room was added October 28, 2010 and is unlocked by buying the Autumn Garden object from either the Boutique or the Outdoor Store.

Like all secret rooms, a player can only have one room of this type; buying multiple Autumn Gardens will not get you additional rooms. Selling the Autumn Garden will cause you to lose your room, so do not sell / recycle it or you will need to buy a new one in order to get your room back.

Also like other secret rooms, you cannot apply wallpaper or floors to this room. However, you can decorate it with other items. This room is smaller than the regular rooms in your house.

This room will be hidden from visiting friends as long as the Autumn Garden object is in your inventory. Placing the object in a room in your house will allow friends to see the room.

Room Appearance

Autumn garden room

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