The Mystery Shop owner, simply known as "?" is an enigmatic figure who appeared on March 5, 2010 as the new seller of Mystery Boxes and other mysterious items. No one knows what his or her face looks like, so there is a lot of speculation as to his identity. The two leading theories are that he or she might be Hideeni or Mr. Shuttleworth. In-game clues seem to point more towards Mr. Shuttlesworth - go talk to Felicity to see what she says!

Once Pet Society announced in its blog that a feature film was to be made surrounding the true identity of "?". However, this was announced later to be an April Fool's joke, or as we call, a prank.

In-game description:

Little is known about "?" himself or herself; a mysterious pet who has a seemingly never ending supply of sage sounding proverbs and fables, which all sound very impressive but never quite make sense. Because his or her face is always shrouded, it's rumoured that "?" might actually be another resident in disguise, but people stopped paying attention when the rumour was traced back to Felicity. And yet, could he or she be..?


It is Mr. Shuttleworth.

His/Her Identity

Mr. Shuttleworth.

Cheats about him/her

You can get his/her Costume by Cheating and his pet style that is not in the stylist but it's very hard